Deeply Programmed Obedient Fucktoy HD and 4K




Now is the time to be DEEPLY programmed to be my obedient fucktoy, mindlessly stroking for Me doing everything I say. Are you ready to follow Me down so DEEP and receive My programming?
Aren’t you curious what the new programming will bring you? If you listen very close you will know, you will know what to do to be filled with My PLEASURE.
Listen very close…My words create the path that leads you so DEEP focus, focus now on My voice.
Listen to the sound of My voice as it guides you. You can feel My voice flowing to you in waves right through your entire body. It is creating a path, a path to follow Me down so DEEP. So come NOW and feel My words, each and every word I say drips from My mouth into yours like the most amazing magical elixir. Yes feel My words drip into your mouth filling you with the most amazing PLEASURE and taking you so incredibly DEEP. You can already feel it now, feel your thoughts getting less and less as My words drip into your mouth.
When you stare at Me you get so incredibly turned on I know you do, and My crystal spiral toy winds it’s way deep inside your mind filling you with so much LUST. The more you are filled with LUST the more i own you. So go ahead you let that excitement build and build for Me now so I can own you completely. You will let the LUST build and build and move it around your body but you can’t cum unless I tell you to and once I do tell you to cum you will give all that energy to Me your Goddess Zenova. I want it to be so intense because all the pleasure of release is for Me and only Me so you will build and build your LUST and give it all to Me to enjoy and that thought is so amazing to you.
You NEED this!

video includes *multi layered voice with ASMR whispers *amnesia *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *masturbation *toy play *post suggestions *subliminals *mantras *programming *fractionation induction with crystal and spiral overlay *edging *cum countdown *JOI
45 minutes


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