Elixir HD and 4K



My Magical elixir is all you need, it gives you EVERYTHING you need. Feel My power as I swirl it into the cup, it is My words, My spells, My control over you now. You don’t even need to drink it just staring at it now will take it so DEEP inside you, that’s right it’s so magical all you need to do is look at it to consume it. Consume it now, more and more. The more you consume the more you feel it’s effects so floaty and just gone. It’s wipes your mind clean, so clean now, no thoughts just feeling so amazing. It floods your mind with dopamine so you just keep feeling more and more amazing the more you watch now. As you watch Me and get excited you consume twice as much with each moment you feel excited so keep watching Me and let your excitement build so My elixir can take you deeper and deeper and fill your brain with dopamine, your brain is releasing it now more and more the more you watch Me.


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