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Are you enjoying being in Deep Underland? So many things to explore here and so many different levels to Underland. I can take you to an even DEEPER level and you can feel some things you wouldn’t normally be able to feel, that’s right it’s very magical here. I have some special tricks to make it even more magical. I have a very special drink that you can drink and your mind will feel so fuzzy and happy and intoxed. The best thing about this drink is you don’t actually have to drink it, you can just watch Me drink it and you will still feel all it’s effects with Me, you can drink a drink of anything you like at the same time too but you don’t need to. First I need to take you down DEEPER into Underland for that type of magic to work.

POV I talk directly to you (no voiceover)


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, how you combine adorable and gorgeous at the same time is really awesome. Somewhere in the video you declared I was “looking at you, your body etc”. Well yes, and you can be sure I did check you out all over. Those eyes (great eye contact), your body and perfect breast, befitting for a Goddess like yourself, and yes, my eyes noticed you all. Since I don’t drink alcohol my bottled drink for this video was ‘tropical citrus’ vitamin water. I was curious once you had me in deep trance if I would be able to move. Well, I am pleased to report I mirrored you when it was time to drink each time, I thought that was pretty amazing in itself. My release when commanded was intense, and devoted to you as always, and I suspect my Dark Queen & Succubus felt the vibs too. This is a fun and a deep hot trance video, very enjoyable from beginning to the hot end. And when you are done drinking that hypnotic mojo of your drink expect a very arousing sensation as you take each drink, at lease it did for me, with (for me) an additional physical feeling akin to enjoying a little herb. This is really, really great. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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