Empty and Obedient HD


How does it make you feel when you see Me in shiny PVC? Is it getting you so excited? I know it is. When you see Me in all shiny PVC does it make you want to do everything I say? I know it does. You just get sooo weak and so turned on that you’ll do anything and everything I tell you. I know you will. All you want to do is OBEY Me. You may think that’s not what you want but really DEEP down you just want to let go and surrender. You want Me to do all the thinking for you. You want Me to EMPTY your mind for you so you don’t have to think at all. You just need to listen and OBEY. Feels so incredible doesn’t it? I know it does. Nothing feels better. It’s time to just be EMPTY and OBEDIENT. You don’t need anything else do you? No, you just need to be EMPTY and OBEDIENT. All you need to do is have Me deep inside and I will EMPTY your mind. You don’t need to make any effort at all, you just need to follow My voice, let My voice guide to the most wonderful place where your total obedience fills you will the most amazing bliss.

I control you. You OBEY me. Without thought. Automatically. Its that simple, I tell you to do something and you just do it. No thoughts or resistance, just action. You OBEY me. When your in this place of total obedience you feel so blissful because nothing else is better. The feeling of having Me command you is so amazing nothing else can compare. Why think if you don’t have to? You can just mindlessly OBEY. Nothing is better.

You will be DEEPLY programmed for obedience.



Video includes *long spiral induction for DEEP state *layers of sound including brainwave entrainment to induce a state of ultimate bliss *triggers *deepeners *post suggestions *NLP *ASMR whispers *sexy PVC corset, dress and high heel boots *boot worship *topless nudity *tit bouncing and squeezing *subliminal messages *closeups of My face and cleavage, nude breasts


  1. MindfuckedbyGoddessZenova

    Incredible video

  2. Slave Pascal

    i am empty and obidient
    and doo what u told

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