Fixated Goon HD and 4K



I knew you would be back you always come back…. feels to amazing to not come back to me for more and more pleasure. Feels so good to stare at My big natural DDDs doesn’t it? I know it does. Nothing feels better. You are fixated and I’m going to make that grow making you mindless, empty and fixated, filling you with the most amazing pleasure. Why think if you don’t have to? Why not just be filled with pleasure. You don’t need anything else do you? no you just need to be filled with the most amazing pleasure you ever had.
In a moment I will begin to pull you back to that place, that place of intense pleasure. You will watch me, you will LISTEN to me You don’t need to do anything else I will do everything else. So relax now, get comfortable and sink in. Watch me as I tease you getting you so excited. I will take you so incredibly DEEP before I take you to the edge and keep you there until you enter a state so intense that your mind intimately merges with your cock. Once that happens I will implant triggers for future PLEASURE. I wake you to stroke and goon for me then you fall back DEEP and want to watch over and over and over again.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, you really hit it out of the park with this β€˜gooners delight’ video. But it was more than just that, once again your intoxicating beauty exemplifies your aura and energy that you project and is felt throughout the mind/body. Once you took out the crystal, I knew that your soothing, guiding voice, sexy smiles and eyes was taking over, as I surrendered while your pleasure was flowing in me. And by the end of this video every cell in me was electrified in arousal for you, and the snaps really knocked it home. I awoke this morning aroused, enjoying my morning β€˜routine’ mild trance, while getting in the zone, just thinking about the video. I also noticed that while watching this video I was really noticing even the gentle hand and body movements more than ever, and those curves, wow. I was fixated on your perfect breast but noticed all of you at the same time, amazing. The exploration of the β€˜depths of emptiness and the increasing desires from within’, all while pleasing you makes this video one that I will goon, automatically looping at least one or more times, time permitting, it’s that good and compelling. Finally, the after-effect from the whole experience was so ingenious, very deep and relaxing, and felt so good to just bathe in the feelings. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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