Rabbit Hole series 7 Activation HD, 4K, sleep MP3 and task

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How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go with me? Are you ready to have your mind expanded in new ways? To open your mind to me even further? Once you expand your mind for me there no going back to the way you were you will be changed. Now is the time to down into the rabbit hole so I may activate your highest potential. Your subconscious will always fight change so leveling up can be difficult so I’m going to help the process along with DEEP changes in the subconscious. Think about and imagine all the things that you can do just within your own mind. If fact your mind shapes your outer world as well, things like how much money you make your health and your overall outlook on life in general. All things start in your mind before they appear in your experiences and life in general. Everything is born from a thought and focusing on the correct thoughts can change your entire life for the better. I always want my pets to be their very best version so we are going to activate those good thoughts for you to further the process of being your best version. There is more to it than just focusing on those thoughts, we also need to remove the programming that are limiting you in ways you are probably not even aware of but we all have them our minds can not function without programs so we will just make sure your mind is running on the programs for your highest potential.

You know the PLEASURE you get when you PLEASE me and you working on being your best version is always the most pleasing to me so I will be extra PLEASED you got this!

This comes with MP3 audio only sleep file that is different than the video to help program you to your highest potential while you sleep (pure voice)
There is also a task/command that plays before the video starts and is included as a MP3 file. Do the task FIRST before the video the first time you watch.

This is a requirement for those who wish to truly serve and be owned by Me.
You NEED this.
if you buy on the clipstores this is $80


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, this was a gem of a video/audio files, which starting out with ‘attitude is everything’ and to ‘aim-high’ from within theme(s), to then taking me into a very, very deep, sensual trance. Your beauty and voice enveloping me from beginning to end now. The crystal sequences were crazy hot and I suspect that crystal ended up deep in my mind after. I still find it hard to believe that I can be so relaxed and aroused at the same time, such is your magic. What an experience this was!! I remember while being in trance hearing/feeling everything but in such a dreamy state, it was great. Your ‘task’ and ‘command’ for me was a joy since it always equates to pleasing you and thus, I receive so much pleasure in return. Your sleep-file was, like all your other sleep-files really great. I usually loop it three times, hearing the first loop to the end but going into a deep sleep at some point during the second loop, waking up refresh and ready for the day. I can safely say that I am ‘activated’, thank you Goddess Zenova.

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