The aliens are here and before they begin their experiments they need to reprogram your mind for easier control and to make sure you will not remember what they have done to you. They send their queen to do the programming as they believe you will like her beauty will be mesmerizing to you. She is so powerful all you need to do is gaze into her eyes and she has complete control of your mind. Now you are ready for her programming.

 This is a fantasy theme but has very real programming for deeper future experiences, training your mind for amnesia and much deeper levels of trance.



video includes *sci-fi alien fantasy imagery *visual and audio triggers *layers of sound with multi voice tracks, ASMR whispers, music, subliminals and brainwave entrainment  *post suggestions *amnesia


  1. trex551

    Really, really, really great, relaxing file to watch and listen to! This one is like a literal deep, full night’s sleep.

    Also, IF you think amnesia isn’t possible through hypno, then just try to listen to this without going so deep – and see if you’re able to remember anything, except for how powerful She is.

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