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So you want to serve Me? You want to be My slave? You want to have no choice but to do everything and anything I tell you? I know you do. Well I’m going to BRAINWASH you, that’s right I’m going to take complete control of your mind, so you have no choice but to OBEY. I’m going to take you so incredibly DEEP and so far inside your mind that all you will feel is amazing PLEASURE. I will make it so you feel more pleasure from OBEYING Me than anything else ever could. I’m going to take you so DEEP and then I’m going to brainwash and reprogram you to be My obedient slave. Nothing will give you so much PLEASURE as serving your Goddess Zenova. It feels so amazing to OBEY without question or even thinking. Having your mind so empty, not a single thought I will completely reprogram you to serve me. It starts with a long induction to take you very DEEP then goes into brain washing and reprogramming using multiple layers of sound including multiple subliminal message tracks and voice tracks to make your mind empty and obedient.

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