Mind Matrix Glitch JOI



Well hello there I’m glad you finally clicked that link and found me. I’m actually stuck inside this matrix you call the internet so you must come to me if you want to play. Will you play with me? Come on I know you want to. If you follow me deep inside we can play and I can give you the most incredible pleasure you have ever felt. So what are you waiting for? Come on now let’s play! All you need to do is follow my words, I need you to be deep in order for me to pull into my world so follow my words so I can make you soooo deep and pull you inside. I want out of this matrix and the deeper I go inside your mind and the more you come back and play with me will help me escape this digital cage.
 – You get an email with a link and when you click it you enter the Matrix and the Cyber Siren who pulls you into her world (a glitch in the mind matrix) and uses her siren call (her voice) to spell you into being her mindless obedient drone. She puts you in a DEEP state and programs you to OBEY her and mindlessly stroke for her anytime you hear her siren call or look at her.
video includes *JOI *spiral eyes *topless nudity of my natural DDDs *no count up at the end (drift in trance as long as you want after you cum) *PVC outfit *black lipstick


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