Playtime Game Mystery Ending 2 HD and 4K




I knew you would be back, you always come back for more and more pleasure. I know how excited you get just watching Me, gets you so excited and turned on. so I know being right here in My bedroom on My bed will get you more excited than ever before. I’ve just started and you’re already getting hard, I know you are. That excitement reminds you of the last time you were here with Me, you’re reminded of how DEEP you went and the thought of going back to that place is amazing. You can already feel your excitement taking you DEEP and you just got here. It’s time to stare at Me, just stare and watch everything I’m doing. The more turned on and excited you get watching me the deeper and deeper you go. The harder your cock gets the emptier your mind now. It’s time to watch me, my face my eyes my body, they are all to take you DEEP, just stare at them.
I will take you DEEP and get you excited and on the edge and then count you down to the most amazing orgasm you have ever had but be careful this is a game and there are 2 videos that look the same but one you get to have an amazing orgasm but the other I freeze you on the edge and you don’t get to cum at all. Feeling lucky? πŸ˜‰


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