GONE HD and 4K



Watch, listen, drop deeper and deeper into Underland. So deep and drifting deeper and deeper the deeper you stare now. You remember the feeling of being so DEEP now, mindlessly floating on a sea of blankness. That feeling floods into your entire being right now. So amazing to be so DEEP now. The spirals always take you even further and further into DEEP trance now. Nothing is better just sailing further down floating away with each and every word I say.

Your mind is melting, there’s nothing left it’s just a pool of never ending blankness. So good so GONE. Wiped clean like a sheet of glass so shiny and clean and empty and that feeling drifts back to each and every corner of your mind now. So shiny so clean no thoughts no decisions only deep trance now.

WARNING EXTREME SPIRALS AND VISUALS! This is an incredibly intense experience and will make you feel altered and endlessly DEEP. Designed to play in a loop so you can enjoy this state as long as you like.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, I still have no idea when I realized I was deep under, mesmerized on you entirely, then the visuals and back again. I’m still not sure how it even ended, this was really great and so different. Your beauty exploding on the screen, your eyes and especially your natural looking, sensual and very sexy looking lips, something I noticed ever more-so with this video, especially when the spiral eyes shots appeared, wow. It felt like you were building my sexual energy up then just taking it all out of me when the spiral eyes shot(s) appeared, feeling like I was being pulled into the screen, and then doing it all over again until the end of the video. It felt like pulsating sensation(s) throughout with you building it up then taking it back, and a very arousing pulsation at that!! When I knew it was over, I still felt nicely balanced between aroused and relaxed, wanting to submit to the experience again. This will be very interesting looping this video to experience a much deeper, pulsating sexual energy effect, with all the buildups then the draining, again and again. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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