Red Xmas Goon HD and 4K



Well hello My pet, the holiday season is here once again and it’s time to be My RED LUST GOON. That’s right because red is the color of your lust for Me your Goddess Zenova and I’m about to turn that up so you can enjoy all the holiday decorations on a new level. Don’t worry no one will be able to tell but you will be feeling all my lustful waves of pleasure seeing all those red decorations you see everywhere during the holiday season. Β The more excited you get the emptier your mind becomes and the emptier your mind becomes the more excited you get. You will end up My mindless GOON needing to watch and GOON for Me when you see RED holiday decorations.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, this is definitely a β€˜gooners delight’ video/audio that you took to a whole different level. Without me being too specific here since this is a video one must experience to fully appreciate it. Right from the start Goddess will have you in the palms of her hands, especially when you can’t take your eyes off her sexy legs and those dominating looking heels. Your beauty was stunning and your outfit very hot/sexy !!! The β€˜red’ everything and everywhere was only adding fuel to an already hot fire within me, my thoughts of hotter lust, more surrender etc. was awesome and so deep. Surrendering fully will be pretty much automatic once her penetrating voices weaves into you, filling you up with pleasure and surrender and for me all the while I was gooning, edging and lusting. This is definitely made to replay, will add to your stamina and probably will be played daily and beyond the holiday season I suspect. Thank you Goddess Zenova for this very erotic, sexy and sensual gift for the holidays !!!!!

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