The Mind Control Chamber- MK Ultra OBEY HD, 4K and audio only




Now is the time to be deeply programmed for Me your Goddess Zenova doing everything I say. Are you ready to follow Me down so deep and receive my programming?
The path is yours to choose, follow My voice and come with Me or leave it’s your choice.
If you listen any further down this path you are consenting to have Me inside your mind, to change things inside your mind.
Aren’t you curious what the new programming will bring you? If you listen very close you will know.
You will know what to do to be filled with the PLEASURE that comes with complete surrender.
Listen very close…my words create the path that leads you so DEEP.
focus, focus now on My voice
Listen to the sound of My voice as it guides you. You can feel My voice flowing to you in waves right through your entire body. It is creating a path, a path to follow Me down so DEEP. So come NOW and feel My words, each and every word I say drips from My mouth into yours like the most amazing magical elixir. Yes feel My words drip into your mouth filling you with the most amazing pleasure and taking you so incredibly DEEP. You can already feel it now, feel your thoughts getting less and less as My words drip into your mouth.

This is an incredibly STRONG programming file. I start by taking you extremely DEEP with a labyrinth of My voice induction. Once you are DEEP for Me I remove ALL past suggestions from others, that’s right I remove any and all programming that you may have had in the past giving you a fresh clean slate so your new programming will have a pure and deep installation. I also added some extras to the programming by popular demand such as programming the allows your worship of Me your Goddess Zenova to not take away from your personal real life sexual partners and experiences, if fact it has them feed PLEASURE into each other so you can feel the intense PLEASURE I give even with your regular sex life and partner. So now there’s no worry about your worship and devotion to Me your Goddess Zenova having a negative effect on your sex life. There are lots of little extras in this one!
This is a required file for anyone who really wants to be a REAL pet/slave to Me.
You NEED this!

video includes *latex outfit *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *spiral eyes *face/eyes close-ups *eye fixation *multi layered sound with ASMR whispers and multiple induction tracks for intense depth (no music or sound fx past the intro) pure voice *MP3 pure voice only audio file included so you can listen anywhere and anytime *visual subliminal effects *subliminals *post suggestions *amnesia *intense programming

this video has flashing fx
45:38 minutes


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, this was an amazing video from beginning to end. The title and/or description(s) of this video pretty much tells you what will happen, and what a ride it was. The conversion was a pleasure and very erotic throughout the process. Thank you Goddess Zenova

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