The Trap 4K and HD




I knew you would be back, you always come back for more and more PLEASURE. I know how excited you get just watching me, gets you so excited and turned on. so I know being right here with me in this room will get you more excited than ever before. I’ve just just started and you’re already getting hard, I know you are. That excitement reminds you of the last time you were here with me, you’re reminded of how DEEP you went and the thought of going back to that place is amazing. You can already feel your excitement taking you DEEP and you just got here. It’s time to stare at me, just stare and watch everything I’m doing. The more turned on and excited you get watching me the deeper and deeper you go. The harder your cock gets the emptier your mind is now. It’s time to watch me, my face my eyes my body, they are all to take you DEEP, just stare at them. You may not be sure what’s going on what’s happening but I am going into your mind, when you watch me you feel some thing in your mind maybe you felt it before and just forgotten. But other than a little excitement over being alone with me in this room all you can bring yourself to feel is an interested curiosity about what will happen as you are being entranced by me. You think about how your gaze will grow blank as the thoughts slip out of your head and you forget to do anything but watch me and feel my voice and follow my instructions. You might even find your conscious mind wandering remembering only the blank feeling and my body and not know what you were told to do only that your subconscious mind pays close attention and will do it for you automatically, without realizing you were doing it. And then you relax and lean back still staring at me. You know it is time.

Video includes *amnesia spiral induction *topless nudity of my DDDs *layers of voice with ASMR whispers (no music just pure voice) *post suggestions *triggers *tease and denial *ruined orgasm *JOI *edging


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