Ultimate Mind Fuck Obey Loop HD and 4K




Obedience to Goddess Zenova is BLISS. You can stay in that space of being completely MIND FUCKED and OBEDIENT as long as you like as this is meant to play in a loop, no beginning or end just pure layers of programming to OBEY Me your Goddess Zenova. The video has 3 layers of voice all at once, one for PLEASURE one for OBEDIENCE and one that is worship mantras. Listening to them all at once you take you incredibly DEEP! So DEEP that will will just be mindlessly programmed while you watch A variety of different clips with lots of special effects and triggers all meant to take you even DEEPER and fuck your mind even harder. No need to pay attention to what I’m saying all you need to do is wear headphones and watch 😉 You NEED this video!

video includes *programming *post suggestions *subliminals *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *ass shots in latex pants *latex outfit *audio and visual triggers and fx *flashing programming *tons of spirals including spiral eyes *mantras *eye fixation *multi layered voice tracks

30 minutes


  1. Illum (verified owner)

    I knew I needed this video from the moment I saw it was available for purchase, 30 minutes of some of the deepest pleasure I’ve ever felt, the only reason I could tear myself away from it to write this is in hopes this review gets someone who may be on the fence about purchasing this video to take the plunge and go as deep into trance as I have watching it

  2. Zenova Curious (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova has crafted this video to give us what we need. If you were unsure before, then purchase this video. It has what you’ve been craving and will leave you full of bliss and obedience. We are all meant to obey our Goddess Zenova.

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