Xmas Enchantment Gift/REWARD ending HD and 4K




This video is considered a xmas gift for Me, you pay extra as My gift and your reward is seeing things I usually don’t show you πŸ˜‰

I know you can hear me
You think you are just imagining it but I promise I’m really talking to you inside your mind.
It’s me right here, I mean I’m the only other person here
I keep calling for those to come in here but they can not hear me. You can hear me? I know you can hear me. I’m inside your mind, that’s why I don’t seem to be talking and yet you can hear me perfectly. This party is very interesting is it not? How do you suppose you have come into this room away from everyone else but me? I know you still think you are imagining me talking to you now, in your mind but I really am.

You go to a holiday party and wander into a back room and see me there by myself, I get DEEP inside your mind getting you so excited and turned on as I take you deeper and deeper while you watch me. Once you are so excited watching Me get myself off with My glass toy and you are about to explode I pull you into My trap.In this REWARD version instead of the trap being a denial you get the reward of seeing the close up of me getting myself off with no panties or anything blocking the view and a countdown to cum.


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