Bubble Bath Goon 3D VR HD and 4K




I see you there, watching me, I knew you were watching me, it’s OK you can watch me while I take my bath. I know it’s getting you so excited watching me while I take my bath. So go ahead and touch yourself, I know you want to . Feels so good. Just watching anything and everything I’m doing now. I bet you wish you could get in the bath with me but now you just get to watch. You can stroke while you watch that I will allow but you cannot cum that’s right you can watch me and you can stroke but you can’t cum. While you’re watching me and all these bubbles and you’re getting so excited, the more excited you get the empty your mind becomes. You just become a mindless stroking goon for me. That’s right the more excited you get the empty your mind becomes. Now I want to take you even deeper, I want you to be so incredibly deep and entranced for me while you’re watching me. It feels so amazing knowing you will be back under my spell once again. You can already feel yourself falling so DEEP that familiar feeling you’ve had so many times when you’re with me. Once I take you so DEEP and you are so mindless I will make you feel so much PLEASURE. And while I’m guiding you deeper and deeper, you’re going to keep watching, staring at me watching me with all these bubbles wondering what’s under the bubbles and watching my toy and wondering what I’m doing with that toy when I put it under the water. You know that I am using my toy on myself even though you can’t see it because it’s under the bubbles. It’s still get you so incredibly excited and you keep getting excited as you’re going deeper and deeper for me. It’s time to be entranced.


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