CandyLand HD and 4K



Candyland is the sweetest place to be, with Me your Goddess Zenova. So many spiraling candies sucking all the thoughts right out of your mind, taking you so DEEP. The more I lick and move my big spiral sucker the more and more mindless you become and the more mindless you become the more excited you get. My words are your mind candy so sweet and make you feel so amazing. My words drip directly into your mouth and taste so sweet, the most amazing candy taking you DEEP and getting you so excited taking you into the incredible place that is My candyland. So much candy all around me spiraling DEEP into your brain now. The more you watch and listen to this the more you will keep a piece of candyland in your mind feeling so good ALL THE TIME.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, this was more ‘eye candy’ for me throughout the video, checking you out from head to toe, as your sexy, soothing voice does all the rest. Your voice, keeping me hot and focus on all of you while working its magic. Without revealing the sexy contents, I will say the depth of trance was so mildly arousing, at first, until I thought I could feel and taste everything myself, and those legs!!! This was hot and a wonderful, sexy surprise. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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