CEI Liquid Pleasure HD and 4K




Well hello my pet. Itโ€™s Time for something new. Usually when I have you watch and stroke for me you either come or edge, edging and gooning is good itโ€™s very good but I know sometimes you still want that release but youโ€™re wasting some of that vital energy when you cum. So weโ€™re going to do something to get around this a bit, if you want to stroke and cum instead of just edging or gooning youโ€™re going to need to take that come back inside yourself, thatโ€™s right youโ€™re going to need to eat it, drink it down take it back inside. This might not sound appealing right now but I will make sure to program you in a way that you will thoroughly enjoy it. Thatโ€™s right. You will eat your cum because I tell you to and you know doing anything and everything I say always gives you the most amazing pleasure so even though it might not sound appealing to you at first you will thoroughly enjoy it while doing it for me your Goddess Zenova. So get a little cup or something to cum in so you will be ready. Follow my voice as I take you so very deep. I will take you deep and after we will make it so you enjoy drinking every drop of your come when you come for me I want you to be stroking the whole time while I am taking you so very deep now.


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