Holiday Enchantment HD


 It’s that time of year again, the holiday season, time for office parties etc. You go to a party expecting to be bored but then you see her. She is so captivating you can’t stop staring at her, she is just mesmerizing. You feel strangely pulled to her, you need to get closer. She gives you a little piece of candy and the next thing you know is you wake up in a dark room, you can’t move or leave. You see her on a screen in front of you. You can hear her and you realize you are being programmed, you can feel yourself going so DEEP and it feels so amazing. You can’t help but touch yourself as she counts up your pleasure over and over to unimaginable heights. Edging until you reach the ultimate peak of PLEASURE. Nothing else feels better it’s the most amazing feeling ever.



Video includes- *post suggestions *visual and color triggers *intense edging *JOI *topless nudity of My DDDs *crystal with spiral induction *Multi layered sound including multi voice tracks, subliminal messages, ASMR whispers, brainwave entrainment, and music


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