Lavender Dreams HD and 4K



You know how amazing it feels to watch Me and to get so excited by Me, your Goddess Zenova. Now I’m going to make it so you dream about all the pleasure you get from watching and listening to Me. Watch Me now in my layers of lavender as you fill with excitement. The more excited you get the deeper you go and the deeper you go the more excited you get. You will have the most amazing and pleasurable dreams about Me your Goddess Zenova. All of your fantasies about Me fulfilled in your dreams. Sounds so amazing! Doesn’t it? All you need to do to make this happen is to follow My words. Just follow Me and I will do the rest.

 I guide you to the ultimate orgasm and program you to have dreams about Me.

video includes *post suggestions for erotic dreams *layers of My voice *topless nudity of My all natural DDDs *triggers *cum countdown *JOI


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