RED HD and 4K




Itโ€™s time to be filled with so much LUST for Me, thatโ€™s right because RED is the color of your LUST for Me and you see so much RED now.

There are 2 different voice tracks at once for this video, one is a gooning track and one a programming track with a trigger to cum at the end. You choose your ending by which track you focus your attention on. I suggest watching several times listening to the gooning track then you you can no longer stand it and need to cum focus on the other track.

There is an extra layer of PLEASURE/trigger if you watch Magic Hearts Love Addict first!

*audio and visual triggers *post suggestions *gooniong *edging *programming *fractionation *topless nudity of My natural DDDs


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, once you announced that this video โ€œREDโ€ was release and was available in your store, well it was a must-have for me right away. Between your stunning beauty, very sensual voice and deep trance my whole perception of the color โ€˜redโ€™ and its meaning has been totally revised in such an erotic, sexual way for you. This is one video that should be looped for added depth to its meaning each time you listen. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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