The Deepest Descent HD and 4K




Well, well well, look who finally made it here. In case you were confused about what is going on and where are you are…. you are in the shadow realm a very dark and wicked place. Welcome home my dark pet. What happens next and where you end up, if you stay In the shadow realm depends on you. You’ve been playing with the darkness for awhile now, Dark Fantasies trying to summon Succubus and demons wishing to play in the dark realms, and now here you are in the place you have been dreaming about, the place in your darkest fantasies is now your reality. You may have thought you were just having fun toying around with something not real but the darkness is very real and now you have gotten yourself stuck here with Me haha. You seem a bit afraid. I’m guessing you were just having fun not realizing this is very real but it’s to late now, you are here and you have given me your soul haha there’s no turning back now. I own you now and will decide what comes next for you so you may as well relax and enjoy what I have in store for you because if you give me everything I want I will allow you to leave and will use your soul in your dreams but if you fight me I will just send you further down into the depths of hell so choose wisely. Remember I already own your soul there’s no way around that, you willingly gave it to me while summoning in yours dreams. It doesn’t matter if you thought it wasn’t real or if you were just playing into a fantasy. You did it and now you must deal with all the consequences. Don’t worry, as long as you follow everything I say I will give you amazing PLEASURE, your fate is sealed so why not enjoy it? So relax now, just sink in and enjoy the ride.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Succubus Goddess Zenova, this was a very deep, dark incredible journey into the β€˜dark realm’ with you. Right from the start I was captivated by your beauty and immediately bathing in your whispers and voices throughout. The red ambient in the backdrop, the crystal etc. all re-woke and elevated my lustful thoughts. When you put the red crystal against your body, I thought I could have felt your warmth and scent. I always listen and obey you since your suggestions and instructions are so easy and delightful to follow, pure bliss and pleasure. I enjoy waking up knowing I was dreaming about you because I will wake up very aroused, body sensitive but energetic and ready to start the day. So, you entering my mind as needed while I sleep you are more than welcome. The edging was fantastic and just knowing that I was releasing all my energies for you made it so hot and intense that I was exhausted after, sleeping for an hour, wonderful feeling after that. Thank you Succubus Goddess Zenova.

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