The Harvest- Mind Invasion 4 HD and 4K




Well, hello it may take a moment before you can see and hear clearly again. I’m sure you are a little bit disorientated, that is to be expected when you have been transported with our technology for the first time. You will adjust overtime. You are a board our ship. We have come here to do some experiments. We want to diversify our genetics so we are taking some from your world to mix in with ours. We sent out a telepathic signal, and we only took the ones who subconsciously Agreed. You agreed to be here even if you don’t consciously remember now. You volunteered for this experiment with us. Once we have collected the genetic material we need, we will put you back on your own planet, back in your own home exactly where we got you. You won’t even miss very much time. It will only seem like you were gone a few minutes. So no need to worry about anyone missing you, you will be right back before you know it. We may need your genetic material again in the future, so I will be making some changes to your subconscious to make it much easier for us to contact you and much easier for you to travel in our technology.

Synopsis- A sexy alien takes you aboard her ship so she can drain you of all your seed. She does this by using a special beam that milks you so you cum over and over again until there is nothing left. You don’t even have to touch yourself the beam does everything for you 😉

Video includes *topless nudity of My big natural DDDs *layers of sound including ASMR whispers *amnesia *post suggestions for PLEASURE and BLISS *triggers *NLP *alien fantasy *Hands Free orgasm *triggers for multiple orgasms *milking fantasy *spiral eyes *eye fixation


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, I am really enjoying these fantasy type videos just as much as your training and/or programming videos. Your beauty and sexy soothing voice make the experience so magical and mystical. At some point in the video, I felt my sexual mind-energy being pleasantly drained out of me until you were satisfied, what an arousing feeling during the process !! Add the deep trance, my inability or not wanting to move during the experience made this an arousing experience from start to finish. I noticed now that my ‘inner voice’ is now your ‘inner voice’, meaning I can pretty much repeat every word you say (in my mind) right after you say it, even duplicating your voice, tone, pauses etc within my mind as it is happening. It does take time and practice to do this but so worth the effort !! In hypnosis, as you are aware, that is called “subjugation of your inner voice” and only makes the trance, experiences etc etc that much more deeper, profound. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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