Ultimate Mind Melt 2 HD


It’s time for Me to melt your mind, to fuck your mind so hard you don’t even know what’s going on. I’m going to take you up and down, make you DROP and wake over and over again, until your mind completely melts. After you wake and DROP for Me so many times you’re going to be sooo DEEP feeling so AMAZING because it feels so good to OBEY without even thinking. It feels so good to OBEY without trying at all. It happens so automatically that when I tell you to DROP your body obeys before your mind even realizes what has happened, and that feels good so so GOOD. You’ll DROP when I tell you to, and every DROP is a little bit deeper and every wake a little bit less high as you wake you still feel a little bit fuzzy and thats ok it feels good to just let yourself float and DROP, it feels so good to OBEY without thinking, to follow without judging. Your mind will be fucked and fractured to a point where you won’t even know what’s happening, you will just automatically OBEY. I control every part of you, I control your mind and your body. I control your cock. When I say you are excited and turned on you instantly become turned on. When I say your cock is getting hard it does, I have complete control of your cock. When I say stroke your already doing it before your mind even realizes what’s going on. Once your mind is fractured and fucked to the point you are deeper than ever before I make you stroke for Me, keeping yourself on the edge endlessly as I freeze you at the end so you are stuck on the edge, unable to move or finish stroking. Stuck staring at the last frame of the video, My big natural DDDs right in your face. The most amazing Torment!



Clip includes *multiple drops and wakes *deepening *snaps *pocket watch induction *audio and visual triggers *subliminal messages for obedience *Multi-layered sound including brainwave entrainment for sexual pleasure, ASMR whispers and multi-layers of My voice *JOI *ruined orgasm *cleavage and topless nudity of My natural DDD *nude boob bouncing and squeezing *closeups of My face and eyes *ultimate mind fuck Wear headphones for most effect


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