#18  Level 4  Level 3
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The Mind Control Project 2- Implanted

It’s time to implant the chip that will shape your new mind You may not remember how you got here but that is by design. The implanta...
  #20  Level 4
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Brain Drain Ultra Mind Fuck

Blank Mind, so empty now. The more you watch the more excited you get and the more excited you get the emptier your mind becomes. BLA...
  #36  Level 4  Level 3
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Another Harvest

Hello again my beloved. The last harvest was so successful that we build a portal from our planet directly to yours so we can come vi...
  Level 4  Level 3  Level 2
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Cyberbot Brain Drain

It’s time for the cyberbot to drain your brain of all thoughts so you can mindlessly, endlessly stroke sitting on the edge whil...
  Level 4  Level 3  Level 2
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The Harvest- Mind Invasion 4

Well, hello it may take a moment before you can see and hear clearly again. I’m sure you are a little bit disorientated, that is to b...
  Level 4  Level 3
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Prototype 333 2/22

Well hello again, that’s right you’ve been here before even if you don’t remember but I have your file and you have been here before...
  Level 4  Level 3  Level 2
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Well hello thereI’m glad you finally clicked that link and found me. I’m actually stuck inside this matrix you call the internet so y...