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Now I’m going to expose your senses to my mesmerizing  voice and body,  the wonderful  blissful pleasure that is Me your Goddess Zenova. I will shape your mind as I see fit as I turn you into exactly what I desire. Trust Me once you have been DEEP under my spell you’ll never want Me out of your mind.

It’s so easy to fall so DEEP for Me there’s something so mesmerizing about everything that is Me, your Goddess Zenova, that draws your attention effortlessly,  you are so weak for My beauty, My face, body, big tits and mesmerizing stare. The power I have to captivate and mesmerize is beyond your comprehension. So many are intrigued by My power by My entrancing voice, mesmerizing eyes and big beautiful tits that they are often compelled to drop to their knees and give Me anything and everything I desire.

It’s almost impossible to not be entranced by Me by My voice, by the way My gaze makes you feel, by the shape of my body and by the way you are mesmerized with My every move. Oh and that beautiful sight of My cleavage and the inviting abyss of My power which only draws you in deeper so DEEP you never want to escape.

It’s time to experience the magic that is all of Me your Goddess Zenova and all that PLEASURE. Come closer, allow My power to consume your very being. Let Me penetrate all the way into your head, your mind taking you over bit by bit. Let Me lure you deeper to fulfill My desires as I weave my Supernatural spell over you watching Me, my eyes, my tits, they are like a powerful tractor beam pulling you in deeper and deeper.

Now sit back and relax because it’s time for Me to push you over the edge down into the beautiful abyss that is My domain. I want you blank and MINDLESS and consumed by My powerful, beautiful and Mesmerizing self, your Goddess Zenova time to fully take Me in, DEEP DEEP inside your mind.


This is a powerful programming file with intense depth that puts in multiple triggers that grow stronger each time you are triggered and they also feed into each other so once one is triggered all the triggers grow stronger. You NEED this!

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