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OVERDOSE Mindlessly Addicted to My Voice Loop




My voice is so addicting because nothing makes you feel so AMAZING as just listening to Me. Listen as you OVERDOSE on PLEASURE from the layers of My voice. So many tracks of My voice taking you so DEEP growing your addiction further and further. Designed to loop so you can put it on repeat and stay in this wonderful state as long as you want.

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  1. (I copied this from my April 6, 2023 review of this video from the Shop-Videos)

    Goddess Zenova, this video can be used for daytime or as an audio file for bedtime as well. Your various tones and whispers throughout are both beautiful and sensual, very pleasing to the ears when used at bedtime, and both ears and eyes if used at daytime. I looped it twice (at bedtime) and found that at some point in the second loop I was sound asleep. I usually put the volume at low level. Waking up in the morning I was very energized, relaxed and aroused. I am glad I waited to get this video until I really became acclimated with your voice, tones, techniques etc., it was so worth the wait. Aside from your beauty, your voice by itself works its own magic. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

  2. Goddess Zenova, just a footnote to my original review here dated 04/06/2023. This audio file contains your MasterClass fractionation so this file is great for day/night but not while I am going to sleep. The video version of this audio file is the one I use for sleep since there is no fractionation. The video version just knocks my socks off to sleep after one (1) loop since I usually loop it three (3) times. Thank you Goddess Zenova.