The Transmission HD


You are sitting waiting for to hear her voice again, see her face…and body. You’ve become almost obsessed and just can’t wait to hear and watch her latest video. You know that will will feel so amazing and you’re already getting exciting just thinking about it. When you watch it feels almost like there are mind controls waves coming directly out of the video penetrating your brain making it so blissfully EMPTY. It feels so good to be mindless, empty and blank nothing else could ever be better and after this TRANSMISSION of mind control waves you will feel the most amazing PLEASURE anytime your mind is a blank.

Product description

Video includes- *topless nudity *close up face and eyes *crystal with spiral induction *brainwashing *pleasure trigger *mindlessness *multi layered sound including multi voice tracks, light music, ASMR whispers and brainwave entrainment designed for heightened pleasure/euphoria *post suggestions


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