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The Mind Control Chamber- MK Ultra OBEY audio




This is an incredibly STRONG programming file. I start by taking you extremely DEEP with a labyrinth of My voice induction. Once you are DEEP for Me I remove ALL past suggestions from others, that’s right I remove any and all programming that you may have had in the past giving you a fresh clean slate so your new programming will have a pure and deep installation. I also added some extras to the programming by popular demand such as programming the allows your worship of Me your Goddess Zenova to not take away from your personal real life sexual partners and experiences, if fact it has them feed PLEASURE into each other so you can feel the intense PLEASURE I give even with your regular sex life and partner. So now there’s no worry about your worship and devotion to Me your Goddess Zenova having a negative effect on your sex life. There are lots of little extras in this one!

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